Best 12 Free SVG Editors for Graphic & Web Designers

Free SVG Editors

The Best Free SVG Editors For Desktop & Online

In today’s digital world, scalable vector graphics (SVG) have become a popular choice for designers and developers alike. SVG files are resolution-independent, which means they can be scaled up or down without any loss of quality. This makes them perfect for use in responsive web design and applications. To help you make the most of this versatile format, we’ve compiled a list of the top free SVG editors available for both desktop and online use. So, let’s dive in and explore these fantastic tools!

1. SVGator


One-Stop Solution for Online SVG Editing and Animation

SVGator is an intuitive, browser-based Free SVG editors that lets you create, edit, and animate vector graphics with ease. Its user-friendly interface makes it an excellent choice for both beginners and professionals. Some of the key features of SVGator include:

  • Simple drag-and-drop functionality
  • Customizable shapes and paths
  • Text and gradient tools
  • Advanced animation capabilities

With SVGator, you can export your animations as CSS, JavaScript, or SMIL code, providing you with flexibility and adaptability for your projects. Its cloud-based nature means you don’t have to download any software or worry about compatibility issues.

2. CorelDRAW Vector

A Robust Desktop Software for Vector Illustration and Design

CorelDRAW Vector is a powerful, free version of the popular CorelDRAW graphics suite, specifically designed for creating and editing vector illustrations. This desktop software offers a comprehensive set of tools to help you design stunning graphics. Some of the features that make CorelDRAW Vector stand out are:

  • Advanced vector illustration and page layout tools
  • Extensive typography features and font management
  • Import and export support for various file formats
  • Collaboration and sharing capabilities

CorelDRAW Vector is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, making it a great choice for designers looking for reliable and versatile Free SVG editors.

3. Vecteezy


An Online Platform for Creating and Editing SVGs with Ease

Vecteezy is a free online vector editing platform that allows you to create and customize SVG files without the need for any software downloads. It features a user-friendly interface and an extensive library of pre-designed assets that you can use to kickstart your projects. Vecteezy’s key features include:

  • A vast library of free vector graphics
  • Intuitive design tools and customizable shapes
  • Layers and groups for easier organization
  • Social media templates and presets

Whether you’re a professional designer or a hobbyist, Vecteezy’s online platform provides you with a fast and straightforward way to create stunning SVG designs.

4. Vecta


A Collaborative Online SVG Editor for Teams

Vecta is a powerful online SVG editor that focuses on collaboration and teamwork. This cloud-based platform enables you to create, edit, and share vector graphics with your team members in real-time. Its clean and efficient interface makes it easy for users of all skill levels to work on SVG projects. Key features of Vecta include:

  • Real-time collaboration and sharing capabilities
  • Smart connectors and automatic alignment tools
  • Rich text formatting and font management
  • Extensive library of symbols and icons

Vecta is perfect for teams working on SVG projects that require seamless collaboration and effective communication between team members.

5. Vectr


A Simple and Intuitive SVG Editor for Beginners

Vectr is a free, cross-platform SVG editor that provides a straightforward and accessible way to create vector graphics. With its user-friendly interface, Vectr is suitable for beginners and experts alike. Some of the notable features of Vectr include:

  • Basic vector editing tools and layer management
  • Customizable shapes and freehand drawing capabilities
  • A wide range of filters and effects
  • Integration with popular design platforms like WordPress and Medium

Vectr is available as a web app and a desktop application for Windows, Mac, and Linux, making it a versatile choice for users with various preferences and operating systems.

6. Snap.svg


A JavaScript Library for Advanced SVG Manipulation

Snap. svg is a powerful, open-source JavaScript library that offers advanced SVG manipulation capabilities for web developers. This tool is ideal for users who want to integrate SVG graphics and animations into their web projects programmatically. Key features of Snap.svg include:

  • Compatibility with modern browsers and devices
  • Support for gradients, clipping, and masking
  • Advanced animation and transformation capabilities
  • Extensive documentation and community support

Snap. svg is a perfect choice for web developers looking to harness the power of SVG through code, making it easy to create interactive and responsive graphics.

7. SVG Morpheus

A Lightweight JavaScript Library for SVG Morphing

SVG Morpheus is an open-source JavaScript library that focuses on SVG morphing—the process of smoothly transitioning one SVG shape into another. This lightweight library enables you to add visually stunning morphing effects to your SVG designs with minimal effort. Some of the key features of SVG Morpheus include:

  • Simple and intuitive API for easy integration
  • Support for color transitions during morphing
  • Compatibility with popular JavaScript animation libraries
  • Fast and efficient performance

SVG Morpheus is an excellent choice for developers who want to add dynamic and engaging morphing animations to their web projects using SVG.

8. Quasi-SVG

A Lightweight and Flexible SVG Editors for Web Development

Quasi-SVG is an open-source SVG editors that focuses on providing a simple and efficient way to create and manipulate SVG graphics for web development. Its minimalistic approach makes it easy to learn and use, while still offering a surprising amount of functionality. Quasi-SVG’s main features include:

  • Basic shape and path tools
  • Grid and snapping functionality
  • Support for custom attributes and CSS styling
  • Import and export of SVG files

Quasi-SVG is an excellent choice for web developers looking for a lightweight SVG editing solution that won’t bog down their workflow.

9. Chartist.js


Create Responsive and Interactive SVG Charts with Ease

Chartist.js is a unique SVG editors that focuses specifically on creating responsive and customizable charts. As a JavaScript library, it allows you to easily generate beautiful, interactive charts for your web projects. Chartist.js boasts the following features:

  • A variety of chart types, including line, bar, and pie charts
  • Flexible customization options for chart elements
  • Smooth animations and transitions
  • Responsive design for seamless integration with your website

If you’re looking to add visually appealing and interactive charts to your projects, Chartist.js is the perfect SVG editors to help you achieve that goal.

10. Fildrop

An Online SVG Optimizer and Cleaner

Fildrop is a handy online tool for optimizing and cleaning up your SVG files. While not a full-fledged SVG editor, it’s an invaluable resource to help you reduce the file size of your SVG graphics and ensure they are clean and well-structured. Fildrop’s key features include:

  • Automatic removal of unnecessary metadata and attributes
  • Customizable optimization settings
  • Batch processing of multiple SVG files
  • Real-time preview and comparison of optimized SVGs

Fildrop is a must-have tool for designers and developers who want to keep their SVG files lightweight and optimized for web performance.

11. Glyphter

Design Custom Icon Fonts with SVG Integration

Glyphter is a unique online tool that allows you to create custom icon fonts using SVG files. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can convert your SVG graphics into a fully functional icon font that can be easily integrated into your web projects. Glyphter’s main features are:

  • Import of SVG files or selection from a vast library of icons
  • Customizable grid size and alignment options
  • Auto-generated CSS and font files for easy integration
  • Support for multiple font formats, including TTF, EOT, and WOFF

Glyphter is an excellent resource for web designers looking to create custom icon fonts with their own SVG designs or from a wide range of pre-existing icons.

12. Iconizr


Generate Optimized SVG Icons and CSS Sprites

Iconizr is a unique online tool that focuses on creating and optimizing SVG icons and CSS sprites for use in web projects. It helps improve your website’s performance by reducing the number of HTTP requests and leveraging the power of SVG. Some of the notable features of Iconizr include:

  • Conversion of SVG files to PNG and CSS sprites
  • Automatic optimization of SVG files for better performance
  • Customizable output options, including fallbacks for older browsers
  • Easy integration with build systems and task runners

Iconizr is an excellent choice for web developers looking to optimize their SVG icons and improve website loading times.

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In Conclusion

There is a plethora of free SVG editors available, each with its unique set of features and capabilities. SVGator, CorelDRAW Vector, Vecteezy, Vecta, Vectr, Snap.svg, SVG Morpheus, Quasi-SVG, Chartist.js, Fildrop, Glyphter, and Iconizr all provide different levels of functionality and cater to various user needs.

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